Proiectul Scolar Socrates-Comenius

art competition

"Momentele mele de neuitat la scoala", 15 noiembrie 2004

"My best/unforgattable moments at my school", 15th of November, 2004

  • activitate realizata
  • "My best day at school was special for me. It was the day when I entered into a big "family", my school. I feel myself a part of this family".
  • "I remember with pleasure about my first day at school, my first book, my first mark, my first holiday".
  • "I was so scared an my first day at school. I was like a bird which has lost her nest. Of course I didn't know that, that day was the begining of something unforgetable- my school".
  • "Sometimes I imagine that my school is a big castle with a beautufil garden in front of it having a lot of rooms locked at the begining. We all are in front of this "Great Castle" holding keys, which are going to unlock the rooms (a locked door is a symbol of knowledge which is hidden inside). Some af us can open only one room, the others more. I would like to open them all. I'm waiting impatiently this moment also knowing that the day I'm going to open them all will be my last day at school, because I want to go to college.
  • "Sometimes, I see my school as a big maze (as that one built on Crete). I wonder through it wishing to reach its center.(You know when you discover the center of a maze you discover its secrets). I'm helped by my teachers to find it. They are my "torches of light", they bring light into dark, narrow coridors of knowledge. Without my school and my teachers I would never reach a center of a maze, of myself..."
  • "School is the place I would like to be every minute of my life"
  • "My school is my second home".
  • "Everyday we start school, we know that today we are going to learn; something new and useful for us".
  • "Beautiful moment for me was the day when we went on a trip with our class,We visīted the Museum of Gold and the Bear's Cave".
  • "Another best moment at school was the day I took place in a Maths National Contest and I wan 1 st place. I got twenty points. That was the best moment I have ever had".
  • "An unforgetable moment for me was the day when I got 1'st place in a bike "contest"."
  • "The best moment in my school was the moment I got my first ten".
  • "During our school breaks we play different games, chat and relax. A beautiful day for me was the day I got in class V when I met my classmates. We got on very well".
  • On my first day at school I was very nervous. I thought that I don't know my classmates. Are they good? Am I going to get on well with them? These were questions mixed up in my mind. Now I can say this was the best moment I have ever had".
  • "We have a school Choir. People like singing here. For me singing here is a best moment."
  • "I study in a great school. I had here a lot of greats moments, but the most important was one I sang two songs and I got a prize for good singing. We also recorded an audio cassette with some carrols from our area. When I've heard it I was so proud . That was my best moment at school".
  • "I sang a song. Everybody liked it. I was a real star. That moment was the best moment I have ever had at my School".
  • "The day I joined our football team and the day when our team won a football match was the best day in my life".
  • "I remembered when a group of 150 students visit our school. We had a great time together , we showed them our school and classrooms but we also had prepared a welcome party for them, where we sang good music. After the show we organised a big fire camp which we kept on the whole night. We sang and watch the stars. It was so romantic. It was the best moment I have ever had in my school".
  • We made a fire camp and we were singing and dancing around the fire. Everyone laughed and was very happy. We met new friends and exchanged phone numbers and addresses..."
  • We had a party until morning. Everyone loved it. That day will remain for me as the best I have ever had in my school."
  • "My best moment at my school was the moment when a group of students visited our school."
  • "This was the best moment for me because I got the fourth place and I got a diploma for my school. Everybody congratulated me, I was so happy when I sow that my diploma was exposed in a special place from where everybody could see it."
  • "Building of a center of documentation and Information was a best moment we had at school. This was the best moment we have ever had, because we can play computer games there, watch films, work in teams and relax."
  • "I like going to school because here you can read and write. I like to draw. At school I can draw."
  • "My first day at school was unforgetable. The first day was the best".
  • "Everyday we have unforgetable moments at school. We are having different contests and expositions. I like sports, we practice sports at school."
  • "Unforgetable moment for me was the moment when I won a drawing competition. My drawing was the best. I was very happy on that day."
  • " The day when sang on a stage was the happiest. I was like a star. All the people liked my song."
  • "I like going to school because here you can learn a lot of interesting things. School is an interesting place for me where I want to go every day."
  • "The day I heard that I'm going to Italy was the happiest day at school for me. I was so excited."
  • "The day when we had a "Fancy Ball" for the newcomers was the best moment I've ever had here. Especially that I was chosen Miss High school for this school year."